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American Academy of Advanced Dentistry (AAAD) has been established as a certifying and accreditation organization for continuing education programs in Dentistry. Our Affiliate institutions provide CDE programs in the United States. We also have affiliates in other countries which provide clinical programs for those qualified from our US affiliates. We provide the best end to end course experience in Dentistry for the graduate and specialist dentist. You can also organize AAAD programs in your city by inviting our certified instructors.

Click here – Aesthetic Dentistry Course in Barcelona Study Center – European Certification

Inviting Dental educators to become AAAD recognized Faculty. Please email us at director@amaadent.org

AAAD Diploma for AFO New York Diplomates – Contact Us

Diploma In Orthodontics
Diploma In Orthodontics

Certification Examination for Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistants and Dental Technicians

February 2oth, 2017. Please register here. Examination fees is $550. You will receive a certificate from AAAD if you qualify in the examination.

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Benardina Radi, Director

Email: director@amaadent.org

Cell: 917-580-1180

American Academy of Advanced Dentistry was founded by Dr Ravi Kumar. He is our Chief Mentor & Advisor. In association with Academy Of Fixed Orthodontics New York, we have extensive classroom, online and clinical courses in orthodontics at our Affiliate centers in Lausanne (Switzerland), New Delhi (India) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). You can do an Advanced Internship Program in subjects including Dental Implants, Rotary Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Laser in Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry, Botox Injection Procedures for Maxillo-Facial Aesthetics, Fillers, Stem Cell, Mesotherapy.


Check out AAAD General Dentistry Residency Program here.